Best Back Lotion         Applcator/Massager.

The Natural Way To Apply Any Lotion/Cream to your Back Body.

With Internal Kneading Balls Mechanism.

PATENTED Back Lotion Applicator

Kremass: With Unique Internal Balls Mechanism

Kremass: With Unique Internal Balls Mechanism


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HAND CRAFTED Lotion Applicator

"How it Works:

Kremass" is the best ever patented back body lotion applicator. What you see in the video tells it all such that words can not do it any better.


Because the back of our body is so secretly tucked away, well, in the back, this largest surface area of our body is almost forgotten to take care of.


This video shows you the problems we have trying to apply any lotion to our back and leads you to how Kremass practically is solving the attending struggles. 


Please View and listen!!!


For those who engage in sun-tanning, to show off your NEW beautiful body, you need to cream your back body quickly, efficiently and effortlessly, by yourself.


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Best Back Lotion Applicator/ Massager | Kremass Limited | London



“Kremass” Lotion Applicator is a one of a kind Back Lotion Applicator patented.


What does it mean to you? It has a feminine touch/look to it, subtle and inviting to handle. It has Long Handles to wrap around your back.


KRÉMASS back lotion applicator is a natural approach to tackling your back body massage and lotion application which means that you no longer have to struggle with applying any cream, gel, cream any lotion on your back EVER again.


KRÉMASS back lotion applicator is ergonomically crafted such that it has all the qualities that makes applying any lotion to your back naturally - period! The internal balls mechanism consisting of series of wooden strong balls is a driving force making sure that every drop of cream/lotion is kneaded thoroughly into the skin of your back. The NON-ABSORBENT encasement provides the platform on which to spot your gel, moisturiser, cream etc. The two handles, one on each side, are to lift Kremass back lotion applicator over your head on to your back. Like using your towel on you back, working your lotion applicator on your back, up and down and side to side till every drop of your lotion is kneaded into your back skin and massaging simultaneously.


This unique lotion applicator is therapeutic as you can physically feel the sensation of the massaging rhythm  of the kneading balls on your back body. It gives your back and shoulders a message every time you apply your cream/lotion applicator. It is practically easy to use with both hands, removing completely the pain from twisting and turnings on the shoulder joints you will normally feel when using any other apparatus to apply cream on your back. This means that you can use KRÉMASS lotion applicator as long as you want regardless of your size or fitness level. The bottom line is it solves your problem of struggling to applying any lotion to your back body without it becoming a problem in itself like many of the other lotion applicators available on the market.


Benefits of Kremass Back Lotion Applicator!!! With Long Handles

Applying the right kind of cream of your choice, Kremass back moisturising applicator can help in  the following conditions:

Back Medical Condition: Back medical conditions are pains that crop up anywhere in the back of the body. Starting from the neck to the spines to the broader part of the back to waist pain. These back medical conditions are merely symptoms. The root causes have to be dealt with first. With Kremass Lotion Applicator you can easily reach the very hard to reach part of your back naturally using back medical creams.


Back sun Tanning: Sun tanning is the exercise by which a person exposes the body especially the back of the body to the hot sun to  make it browner using suntan creams with kremass Back Lotion Applicator. Your back applicator has to be the right one otherwise you could be causing yourself back pain with unnecessary twisting and turnings.


Itching Back: We want to talk about itchy back causes. Firstly scientifically speaking, itching is the desire to scratch a certain part of the body. However, talking in terms of a layman, itching is that one act that keeps you up at night frustrates you in public places when you can’t scratch the itch or makes you get annoyed when you end up with rashes because you have been scratching really badly for quite some time. You can have itchy skin, also known as pruritus, on any part of your body; your face, legs, back etc. Getting rid of an itchy back is the toughest of jobs. You can’t see what’s happening on your back there nor can you fully scratch it away to give yourself some relief. There are a lot of reasons which can lead to an itchy back. However Kremass lotion applicator will help to moisturise your back with the right cream.

Lower Back Pain: Again Lower Back Pain is a symptom rather than a cauce, The root cause of back pain  apart from injury is mainly in the wrong movements or none movement of the back body. This is one of the hard-to-reach parts of the body thar Kremass lotion applicator is invented for. As much as possible keep your waist level to align the muscle, the nerve and the Disk. Regular application of pain relief creams using Kremas lotion applicator will go a long way in soothing your pain points.

Back Massage:  This exercise is an added bonus which is done simultaneously when using Kremass Lotion Applicator. The rhythm you experience on your back when applying your lotion to your back is extraordinary.

Apart from kneading the cream into the back skin of the body, with the help of the internal balls mechanism, the massaging is delivered at the same time as the creaming of your back.

Dry Back Skin: Dry Skin:
Dry skin leads to cracks in the skin which are the main reason behind all the itching. If you keep your skin clean and  well-moisturized, the itch will go away in a matter of days. Most of us tend to have a skin which is drier than others. In such cases, you should apply a good quality moisturizer on your body on daily basis.It just means that the skin needs some good moisturizing with the right back lotion applicator. And drink plenty of water regularly.

When you purchase Kremass lotion applicator you do not spend any extra money to buying replacement pads or parts for the life of it. It is easy to maintain. JUST WASH WITH SOAP AND WATER AND DRY. Simple. It makes money sense.


 Kremass is not an exercise apparatus. So, when using it minimize the pressure that allows the cream/lotion to knead into your back skin

About us

Kremass" is the trade name of this invention which simply means: Creamer/Massager.

My wife inspired me to invent this product out of desperation. You see, I used to assist my wife apply any cream or lotion on my wife's back as she does mine. We had no other choice, we had to do it. There was no other way for us ( come to think of it, or any one else for that matter) to apply lotion or cream on our back body. I was having a chat with a friend one day and told him how I assist my wife apply cream on her back even though I did not enjoy doing it nor do I enjoy the flavour of her cream. 


As I was chatting with my wife one day, with my big mouth, I told my wife what I told my friend.

Hell broke loose as she told me right there and then that either I go out and buy a back lotion applicator or make one for her. I tried the first option on websites but could not find my idea of a practical, "it does what it says" kind back body lotion applicator. 

The internal mechanism of arranged balls actually kneads your lotion on your back skin. It does not SMEAR the lotion on your back. 

There is no winding of your arms and no turning and twisting.It is the most natural way to apply any lotion on the back of the body


My wife said to me " If what you produce is not what I would spend my money on in the market place, I will not use it !!!.

After many prototypes she finally approved of Kremass.




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