The Story Of The Back Body!!!

When I was created, I was not informed of my responsibilities. I became the widest part of the body. I am to carry the weight of most organs of the body viz: The Stomach, the heart, Lungs, the liver, Kidney, the head and anything it cares to carry, the hands and anything it cares to lift, majority of all the blood vessels. Don't forget that the waist is part of me. After giving me all these to carry, I was put away in the back of the body and forgotten. When was the last time you remembered to touch me? Ok you scratched me against the wall because you could not reach the hard to reach part of me!

I have so many pain enduring moments in my existence but because I have no mouth , I cannot speak. Occasionally, out of pity, when I cannot bear my pains any more the mouth will speak out for me. I will be ignored for many days, weeks, months even years.

I do not ask for extra ordinary care. I just want ordinary care. Like applying good smelling cream on me every now and then to stop me from itching! Apply a relaxing Jell to relax my nerves running through me eve the Spinal Cord.

tI have so much to say yet. I will write to you soon

My Back!!


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